J. Edgar Hoover occupied a unique position of moral authority

J. Edgar Hoover occupied a unique position of moral authority. As this nation’s, “top” law enforcement cop he had extensive influence over a large network of journalists, broadcasters, movie studios, and authors extending over 50 yrs. He had the dope on ever corporate head and he got what he wanted, and if he didn’t get his way the person getting in his way suffered through media or jail. He even had it out for Charlie Chaplin a 1920’s screen comedian who enjoyed the company of young woman.

From the 1930s to the 1960s, J. Edgar Hoover personally led repeated publicity campaigns known as “stranger danger.”. Hoover was reportedly an admirer of Anthony Comstock who dedicated his life to the ideas of Victorian morality; Hoover studied his tactics which are still employed by Law Enforcement. He also played an important role in fueling the national hysteria and channeling it into support for a stronger commitment too law enforcement. In one of Hoover’s high profile articles published September 26 of 1937 in newspapers nationwide entitled,“War on the Sex Criminal” Hoover announced, “The sex fiend, most loathsome of all the vast army of crime, has become a sinister threat to the safety of American childhood and womanhood.”.

I have written it before and I’ll say it again it is ALWAYS the ONE that CRIES the LOUDEST. Hoover having a vested interest in dispelling his own demons project them on the public. (http://www.kinseyinstitute.org/library/Pdf/sex%20offense%20resourcesB.Lane.pdf) So it seems, or at least it does to me that it’s always the one that cry the most about a specific issue they themselves posses. Hoover through transference channeled that hate onto others. He most likely hated the fact he was attracted to the same sex and was sexually promiscuous; However that was against the Comstock values he allegedly admired so he like law enforcement today lashes out at perceived injustice. People like Hoover project their problems with sex on others and hide behind their so called righteousness. They are the ones that do the most harm to society as a whole as they hide in plain sight.

According to Susan L. Rosenstiel former wife of Lewis S. Rosenstiel, chairman of Schenley Industries Inc.. In 1958 said she was at a party at the Plaza Hotel where Hoover engaged in cross dressing in front of her then husband and Roy Cohn, former counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy. Susan claimed Cohn introduced Hoover to her as, Mary with Hoover allegedly responded, “Good evening”. She said she saw Hoover go into a bedroom and take off his skirt. There,”young blond boys” worked on him in bed. Later Hoover and Cohn watched, Lewis Rosenstiel have sex with the young boys (http://hnn.us/article/814).

Historian Aaron J. Stockham stated, “Beginning in 1937 and continuing until 1977, the FBI investigated gays as potential security risks who could be blackmailed. Numerous men and women were removed from their government and non-government positions because of the information Hoover’s bureau dug up. Only Communists were more systematically investigated by the FBI”. In 1951, Hoover took another step creating a,”Sex Deviates” program. He sought to identify gays and lesbians working in government and expanded that effort in 1953 after Dwight Eisenhower’s presidential order making federal employment of homosexuals illegal. The program targeted alleged homosexuals from any position in the federal government, from the lowliest clerk to the more powerful position of White house aide.

In 1981, Kenneth Lanning an FBI agent who is now a paid consultant for crimes against children joined the Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI Academy in Quantico. He specialized his study to all aspects of the sexual victimization of children. Lanning in his report, “Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis.” said pedophiles often take jobs dealing with children and “may often become a Scout leader, Big Brother, foster parent or Little League coach,”. In a 58 page report Lanning the FBI agent told us what “pedophiles” are like by playing a social role defining, for public consumption, this new form of demon.

The FBI shifted its rhetorical approach away from Comstock’s language of puritan judgment and toward German born Krafft Ebing’s science, in his “Psychopathia Sexualis: A Medico-Legal Study” to fuel the madness.( http://www.gutenberg.org/files/24766/24766-h/24766-h.htm) Lanning was highlighting facts that many in his field felt too uncomfortable to mention, such as the fact that it is possible “for a 5-year-old child to be sexually promiscuous.” but his book he called such children, “compliant victims.”. I guess he felt it necessary to call those children victim because If there is a victim there is a study to be done and that way you have job security; I imagine.

Lanning went on to say most acquaintance exploitation cases, included those involving computers where involved compliant victims that could be seduced. Although applicable statutes, investigative techniques, and persecutive priorities vary, individuals investigating sexual exploitation cases must generally start from the premise that the any sexual activity is not the fault of the child. By calling children victims, even if the child is a willing participates they are victims. Remember even if you are looking at what seems to be an adult it can in fact be a 17yo child the day before they turn 18.

Ernie Allen was a Jefferson County Kentucky Judge Executive, director of the Louisville/Jefferson County Crime Commission and that commission was the first of its kind to bring police officers and social workers together on behalf of kids. Just one innovation Ernie came up with back then was to make a fingerprint card for as many Kentucky kids as possible, and send that card home to the child’s parents in the awful event their child ever went missing. I still have my daughters card in a box somewhere.

Ernie also was the one that led the effort to lobby Congress to establish laws so that police could talk to each other across boundaries about missing kids. When President Ronald Reagan signed the bill creating the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children(NCMEC) as a public-private partnership Allen stated, “In 1984, we proposed the creation of a kind of national resource center; a place that would tie together, create a national response to these kinds of cases like the highly sensationalized Adam Walsh case. My vision, candidly, was that it should be a wing of the FBI, and it was the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, who said if this going to work it needs to be a private organization working in partnership with government. So on June 13, 1984, the president of the United States officially announced the opening of a new national center for missing and exploited children.”(http://www.fbi.gov/news/podcasts/inside/inside_071211.mp3/view).

Ernie Allen former director of NCMEC has become master fabricator of the Big Lie providing resources and assistance to entrepreneurs seeking to follow Ernie Allen’s footsteps and get into the “non-profit” child saving business. In addition there is no reference on their website to the “causes” of parental abduction or runaway/throwaway teens or any other social problem for that matter. 

This brings me to “Information laundering” which is when anyone makes a statement and that statement keeps getting quoted until no one knows the origin where it came from, but they take that statement as fact. Statistical laundering is when the author ties down false and fantastic figures to sources of often wrong statistics about the preponderance of child pornography(CP) findings most claims to be inaccurate, misquoted or simply made up. So how can we stop something like CP if we don’t have accurate data and not out of date, false or misleading “statistics” concerning the prevalence of CP material on internet web sites. Sensationalism sells even when it has been proven that we don’t know the facts about the real threat level. Mr. Allen also stated that he has many supporters. A few years ago, Wal-Mart became a strong supporter of Allen’s’ effort created the Missing Children’s Network, partnering with NCMEC to create bulletin boards with photos of missing children in all of their 3,000+ Wal-Marts and Sam’s Clubs. Wal-Mart says that children are home safely today as a direct result of the Wal-Mart bulletin boards and they claim over 100 cases but I was unable to find any specific cases that prove that to be a fact.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children(NCMEC) is advancing on a global scale and by conducting strong secret lobbying activities it has become a major influence on virtually all European governments including the EU, and in particular the UK. This U.S. based organization has also become very important by their strong aggressive political agenda in many nations. NCMEC also works frequently with foreign government entities, including the formally designated Central Authorities of Hague Convention Contracting States, on cases of international family abduction. Many interesting articles on the topic are at your fingertips when you search for NCMEC on Google. (check it out; prove me wrong)

After conduction a search you will soon notice the immense power this U.S. Organization has in other nations. I for one have come to realize that people should not be afraid of terrorists but of the child protection lobby which is much more ominous, insidious, and is directly linked to the interests of Christian religious fundamentalists. NCMEC is, moreover, also intertwined with the American broadcaster NBC which has broadcast the series “To Catch a Predator” which was a prime-time show where alleged child abusers were caught in a sting in front of the camera. In the show the police officers impersonate children and suggest meetings with the adults who were tackled to the ground and arrested after leaving the camera sting house.(http://www.nbcnews.com/id/10912603/) Are there child preditors? YES unfortunately, but not to the extent law enforcement would have us believe; stranger abduction accounts for less than 1% of missing or abducted children.

Looking at alleged CP (anyone under 18) is not the same as actually causing injury of any kind to a child (anyone under18) in the photo, video or both and to say otherwise is voodoo. In fact know one seems to know exactly what constitutes CP other than, Child pornography is the visual representation of minors under the age of 18 engaged in sexual activity or the visual representation of minors engaging in lewd or erotic behavior designed to arouse the viewer’s sexual interest.

CP Voodoo logic; Someone possesses a photo of a child, in the form of 0′s and 1′s in a computer file. When s/he looks at the photo, the individual depicted in the photo gets victimized and hurt. While I can appreciate that creating child porn victimizes children, I cannot agree that looking for, viewing, or collecting child porn actually victimizes anyone. If you were to apply the same reasoning to any other crime, then looking at a photo of any crime would be re-victimizing someone. Use that same voodoo logic and the same reasoning law enforcement uses and apply it to murder and terrorism. If anyone looks for, views images or video footage of 9/11, nazi war crimes, or autopsy photos, etc, they would be guilty of having re-victimized people viewed in that medium being a photo, video or both. If the simple act of viewing an image of someone is harmful perhaps an appropriate punishment would be to simply take a photo of the perpetrator in jail, then set them free, but have some look at the photo that was taken while they were in jail.

NCMEC says there are 850,000 missing and exploited children cases a year; However they drew upon those numbers by including runaway teens and parental abductions to justify the large amounts of federal spending on the alleged problem. Those funds in turn are funneled into a range of programs whose purpose is to, “raise awareness” about, “child sexual abuse.”. These programs WRITE STUDIES which help to develop a range of inflated statistics to describe sexual abuse as a huge national problem requiring even more resources. As for the children and teens who have left or been thrown out by their families, the NCMEC website offers nothing but a couple of links to other organizations. They seem to say to kids who find their families unbearable that its, “Not my problem,”.

NCMEC’s job is simply too evidential to be entrusted to a nonprofit. The task requires a fully trained, funded law enforcement agency which is subject to the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA), congressional oversight, and constitutional requirements for due process. However Congress given the sensitivity of the issue believe the inflated statistics, and pseudo scientific studies on the issue of child protection presented to them by NCMEC. Congress is unlikely to address the problem of NCMEC’s accountability. NCMEC is a gargantuan creature of government with a 2007 $42 million dollar TAX PAYER budget. Government control over NCMEC’s internal decisions is not clear. The lack of government control over the organization allowes NCMEC to essential regulate the Internet and impose criminal sanctions that follow a person for life and would by itself be is enormous problem.

Given what NCMEC actually does it obviously qualifies as an “agency”. The only public oversight of NCMEC required by law is the requirement that NCMEC a non-profit file a Form 990 each year disclosing basic information about its finances. That report does not list NCMEC’s donors who have a First Amendment right to remain anonymous, but a more transparent organization would at least identify its major donors. NCMEC’s 2006,and 2007 Form 990’s do reveal a few interesting things, about what NCMEC does with its budget (70% of which comes from the taxpayer) is subject to FOIA under the “functional equivalence factor,”.

NCMEC have tied the knot, shut the world out, so now to even talk about CP one can be construed as breaking the law with no First Amendment rights, no rights at all; NONE! It has created the perfect corporate crime; that can take away someone constitutional rights, take away their freedom leaving the person mote and then placing that person in an over inflated prison system that is sucking this nation dry. So keep in mind while you dissing someone on the nightly news arrested for CP that every cent that is being spent on the prison system is borrowed money. If incarcerations keep up half of the USA will be in jail and the other half will be watching them. If you like watching the prison shows on TV just wait you may be next. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it under the Patriot act that was made law to address terrorists and is now being turned against the American public causing terror. NCMEC has people so scared they do not even talk about CP. If you have children and they are just being kids having fun with other kids using their electronic toys. If they happen to take a naked picture of themselves or even decide to have safe sex via video with another mate that is considered CP and your kids will go to jail. If law enforcement can they will even arrest you for collusion.

The National Children’s Alliance Center, was founded in 1985 in the wake of NCMEC by Alabama Democrat congressman Bud Cramer who began to funnel federal money directly into NCMEC fueling their sex panic promotion. The problem of missing children was inventive and it included a range of vastly different phenomenon under one umbrella term. This allows a huge amount of room to manipulate statistics, professionals, and the public at large; also since 1984, has disseminated 28,762,912 free publications.

According to their IRS 990 form, they made $40,000 selling publications vs giving them away for free just in 2001 alone. Considering that NCMEC revenue for that year was $32,386,780. At the end of the year NCMEC had a net of $12,385,095 they did not spend so they could have just given the publications away for free. I guess they needed to make up the more than $30,000 they lost due to investments, because it sure didn’t make a dent in the $1,868,228 they spent on travel or the $646,683 on conferences, conventions, and meetings that year.

It is no wonder NCMEC wants to exploit child abuse on their own it’s a cash cow. This is how Southern Christians Fundamentalist get to inflict their morals on the rest of the nation; Hollywood can afford lobbyists to thwart them. Thats how screen TV movies get away with what they do. When you talk about children and Appeal to emotion (argumentum ad passiones) one seems to be able to manipulation a persons emotions rather than valid logic, to win their argument. The appeal can be used to justify why something should, or should not, be done and it is used as a plea for pity. They appeal to emotion because the numbers and statistics do not add up can and does in this particular case constitutes a logical fallacy. I know it hard to believe when you been had, tricked, cheated, deceived.

Our government is much like anyone else. When we want something done about missing children and we don’t know exactly what to do we throw money at it in hopes it will go away but It won’t. Creating a “catch-all” bureaucracy for every missing child program or idea that comes along is not the answer. It is like when you get software that has like 100 different functions but it never works better than the software you have that only does one function. The same rule applies here. In order to continually increase it’s funding each year NCMEC has to convince our government they should add new programs instead of funding another organization who probably created the idea in the first place. Big government doesn’t work and neither does a bigger NCMEC (http://www.kidsearchnetwork.blogspot.fr/2005/09/ncmec-myths-and-facts.html)

What’s even more peculiar is that there are missing “adults” listed on the NCMEC’s website who went missing as adults not children! One woman on NCMEC website went missing at the age of 36 in 1973 well before the establishment of the NCMEC. There are other abnormal condition as well; for example, in Maine NCMEC reports only 3 missing children. The most recent missing since 1986 and the other two since 1971 again, well before NCMEC was even formed so the last child to have gone missing in the State of Maine was in 1986, 28 years ago.

A state by state search shows that according to NCMEC, the total number of missing children right now in the USA is a mere 2,482. Of course that number will change in a fluid society but it easy enough with the click of the mouse or a tap on the screen. There is a wealth of real information on the web after you filter through all the NCMEC malarkey. For Christs’ sake some missing children cases posted on NCMEC website go back as far as 1949. In Arizona 73 children missing, Wisconsin, and Texas (TX) which has at least 5 missing children listed with “No Name”, also absent is a photograph of these “No Names” all that is provided is a sketch. If there are no names or pictures for these children who are they and how do they know they are missing?

If NCMEC updates there web site to prove me wrong those figures can be found , “ON the internet “wayback machine”.(http://archive.org/web/)

NCMEC statistics are often publicly quoted by its former President and CEO Ernie Allen and current CEO John D, Ryan who have said that 2,000 children go missing every day equaling about 800,000 each year, but that cannot be possibly correct; can it? The figures clearly don’t add up and if they do please, please set me straight.

If their statistics are “somehow” correct and or we are to believe their often quoted statistics, why are there only 2,482 children listed as currently missing in the U.S.? NCMEC is the National Clearinghouse for Missing Children and gets well over $30 million every year in Federal taxpayer funding. Why are there only 2,482 children listed on their website going back as far as 1949 when there have been and according to their quoted statistics over 19.2 Million children missing since NCMEC’s inception?

In addition according to their 2007 Annual Report the organization had a surplus of over $29 million at the end of the year. If they aren’t using it then why isn’t it being returned to the taxpayers or at least distributed to cold case file law enforcement agencies? NCMEC claims that 94 cents of every dollar goes into programs that help find missing children.( http://www.missingkids.com/) Well, lets take a look at the figures from NCMEC 990 filed with the IRS for year 2002, the most recent one offered as far as I can find. It’s a good sample year.(http://www.treasury.gov/tigta/auditreports/2007reports/200740029fr.html) 66% of NCMEC’s 2006 and 2007 revenues went to salaries. Thats right, as always follow the money!

Look at this Honey Pot!!!!!

Gross Revenue, $32,386,780, with $25,838,215 all coming from your tax dollars. The Radical Right snuck in the back door saying, if I can’t do it with the vote I’ll do it this way and either way I win.

Management costs $466,114

Fund-raising costs $880,448

Officers and Directors $543,438

Other salaries/wages $8,980,018

Pensions $510,637

Employee benefits $1,045,578

Payroll Taxes $691,971

Accounting $49,640 reasonable to find an accountant who can make this look like 94 cents of every dollar going into programs.

Legal Fees $163,080

Travel $1,868,228

Office $1,540,820

Conferences, Conventions, Meetings $646,683

Net Assets $23,820,725. They could almost last a year without new funding.

Ernest Allen CEO was paid $359,191 plus $411,636 in benefits in 2006 and $409,821 plus $426,540 in benefits in 2007 a total of $1.6 million in two years or $800,000/year

Michael Lynch CFO $154,678 and $10,345 in bennies

John Rabun Jr. $166,643 and $11,118 in benefits

Rick Minicucci CTO $137,692

NCMEC held an auction in Palm Beach, Florida, taking in $415,574 but claimed they only netted $249,560 do you think Ernie Allen told the donors that 94 cents of every dollar goes to help find missing children? Do you think they mentioned spending almost a million dollars per year for fund raising? Do you think it’s ok that they didn’t? A New York Auction they held that same year a $455,616 was raised, but only $269,870 netted after expenses are you still wondering about the 94 cents thing? In 2001 there were less than 250 missing children in the state of California. And today there are 266 unsolved cases. Last year in Florida, during August there were 132 unsolved missing child cases, and today there are 152. This is gathered from the NCMEC website I kid you not but what I will do is ask you where is the impact for that amount of tax dollars and donations being spent?

As for those at NCMEC who would like to dispute my opinions here please bring it on; However I have a question. Why, with all that money coming in and all that travel being paid for, hasn’t your staff, directors, or anyone from NCMEC, ever been to the house where the parents are missing a child right now? There are organizations that have barely any budget and they been there many times.

One author stated they have an 18 year old girl that will tell you how she was abducted by a two time registered sex offender but was found with absolutely zero help from the police or NCMEC and there are more cases like that. All the statistic, impact studies, technical support and training can never equal showing up and helping the parents find their missing child. (http://www.kidsearchnetwork.blogspot.fr/2005/09/ncmec-myths-and-facts.html)

NCMEC has distort facts and plan old LIEd; they state, “850,000 children (or about 2,329 every day) are reported missing every year in the United States. According to their 2007 Annual Report which can be viewed here(http://www.missingkids.com/Publications), they also state that in the 24 years that they have been in business they have assisted in the recovery of 121,000 children. Let’s use basic math 850,000 children “missing” every year; 2,329 children missing every day? In the 24 years NCMEC been around their figures amount to, 19.2 MILLION missing children.

NCMEC should be applauded for the recovery of 121,000 children but, when compared to over 19 MILLION quoted as missing, their recovery rate appears alarmingly low. Let’s put these numbers into perspective. Taking the current population of the entire state of New York being 19.4 million; if we are to believe NCMEC’s claims about the number of missing children that would be tantamount to the entire population of the state of New York missing, gone, vanished!

If we compare these numbers to the Vietnam War where a total of approximately 2.6 Million U.S. troops were sent to served in Vietnam. I personally know at least a dozen Nam vets; most everyone knows a Vietnam veteran or knows someone who knows a Vietnam veteran but can the same be said for a missing child? Given these numbers and the analogies above, how many people actually have a missing child or know someone that does? The majority of missing children are runaways and or noncustodial parental abductions.

How Can We Avoid Believing Things That Aren’t True?(http://www.truthpizza.org/main.htm)

Unchecked and operating with only shadowy oversight, NCMEC’s quasi-law enforcement portfolio concerns many including the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT). “We have very significant concerns about the outsourcing of proprietorial and investigative functions to a non-government entity,”, says John Morris, CDT’s general counsel. He believes those functions should only be done by those subject to the First and Fourth Amendments, the Privacy Act, and The Freedom Of Information Act. Morris said NCMEC’s job is just too important to be made to operate without accountable oversight, The author Soghoian says we should “Nationalize NCMEC, make all of its workers federal employees, with good health care and job security, and perhaps even expand its budget after all, it does good work, right?” Soghoian went on to say that move would, of course, make the organization fully responsive to Freedom of Information Act requests. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Soghoian)

We have a Drug czar, Intelligence Czar, and a “Car Czar” is a “Child Porn Czar” in our future, too? (https://www.cdt.org/)(https://www.cdt.org/blogs/brock-meeks/maybe-its-time-child-porn-czar) That was from an article written in 2008 and the only thing that has changed since then in the incarcerations.

There are numerous organizations dedicated to the protection of the child too numerous to mention. Their administration, programs and staff must be funded which means many job opportunities and I for one am particularly worried about the relationships between large and politically important global organizations such as the NCMEC. Www.obscenitycrimes.orgis an organization operated by Morality in Media, Inc. and is an essential partner of the Center. I quote here a few of the interesting arguments that this organization wants to spread and enforce; below is a collection of arguments from various pages on that web site.

a)The police must do God’s work (ie. the police becomes the executive branch of the Bible)
b)Pornography leads to violence and must be banned
c)Pornography leads to homosexuality and child abuse
d)Sexuality in marriage must be regulated (oral, anal and masturbation are against nature and are punishable)
e)Criminalize homosexuality
f)Adultery must be punishable and
g)Adulterers are predetermined to abuse children

I stop here because otherwise I would burst with anger and issue a bloodthirsty cry. I noticed that these are the same religious fundamentalists that welcomed cruel punishment on children with rods, whips, etc. based on Bible verses such as Heb 12:6-7 or 1 Book of Kings 12:13-14 and 12:18. The Western world hardly has to worry about the terrorists but more about Christian fundamentalists crawling in through the back door of “Child protection”. I myself am a Christian and I know as a Christian we all fall short of the glory of God. What Radical Right Christians fail to realize is Jesus himself was a middle Easterner(Arab) with middle Eastern thinking; there is no white blue eyed Jesus. God became man his name Jesus; sent to die for my sins.

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