The Child Porn DECEPTION

Child Porn

Child porn is the main card played by the enemies of privacy and freedom of speech in order to bring down websites, filter the internet, question people, implement personal restrictions on citizens and other stomping on civil liberties with total impunity.
“Hundreds of children rescued from abuse”
Examples of rescued children:
Australian man was convicted of child porn posession 5th December 2008 as judge says he had downloaded cartoons of the The Simpsons doing sex.
Wikipedia webpage blocked by the United Kingdom 8th December 2008 claiming a 1976 original album cover of German heavy metal band Scorpions is child porn.
Frank McCoy arrested in the US 13th January 2007 and charged with distributing obscene material involving child porn text stories posted to 15 years ago.

Is this child pornography?

There are 2.6 billion of child porn images
Since child porn images are illegal nobody can know for sure how many there are unless it is by planting them themselves on the internet.
Any claim of an exact number of child porn images is either a lie or an admission that some security agencies know far too well about it because they have planted them from their untraceable and government protected computers in the first place.
Child pornography a 20 billion dollar business
The cost of a social worker= $30.000 dollars a year
The cost of a police officer= $40.000 dollars a year
The cost of a police inspector=$75.000 dollars a year
The cost of a politician=$100.000 a year
The cost of a  “charity worker” =$30.000 a year
The cost of child porn conferences=$100.000 a year
The cost of child pornography internet filters=$1.000.000 a year
The cost of bizarre lavish anti child porn budget=+$
The major costs of child pornography are the agencies and people in charge of going after it. Most child pornography is underground there is no multimillion Hollywood studio producing it as some want you to believe.
By creating fictitious enemies dark government agencies working in the background increase their budget and powers to arrest and interrogate citizens.
By playing the child porn card it is possible to curtail all kind of freedoms without any opposition. In May 2008 the United Kingdom made illegal the posession of cartoons, with this law alone millions of new child porn images could now be counted and recorded and new people arrested.
In the past years Australia has raided Bill Henson art gallery, the FBI has raided Jock Sturges art gallery and the UK has raided Sir Elton John photography exhibition for showing “Klara and Edda belly-dancing”, by famous American photographer Nan Goldin, at the time it was claimed that was all filthy child porn.
All those people have something in common, after the raids not a single one of them was ever convicted of child porn but by then child pornography fear had already been disseminated to the population.
Other fake child porn
Frank McCoy ASSTR webpage containing sex stories with children, as of 8th December 2008 he is now awaiting trial in the US and charged with “obscenity” for writing them:
Famous photographers like Sally Mann for photographying her own kids nude and Jock Sturges for publishing books with innocent pictures of  nudist kids have had to put up with the child porn lies.
Lolicon and Shotacon are illegal in some countries and wrongly classified as child porn. Although Google will find it very quickly as its posession and distribution remains legal in most European countries (not the UK) and Japan.
For more information see:
Films falsely accused of child porn just because of some SECONDS of child nudity:
Even  I mavri Emmanouella (1979) – Emmanuelle Queen of Sados was edited by the censors in the US because of a short scene where a 13 year old girl showers nude (the European version was released unedited).
Others accused of child pornography by the witch hunters are Purenudism and some NN child modelling sites and even Kawaii15 ( forum for Japanese Junior Idols U-15), Flatchan (Lolicon & Shotacon),   iChan (Lolicon & Shotacon), NudistVideoClub (family nudism) Naturist Freedom , Candid-HD (nudist) and a long etc, including Usenet groups trading pictures of NN child models, but so far no charges have ever been brought against any them.
The majority of child porn out there is bogus, but we can not lie ourselves, real child pornography also exists.
As example find  below some child pornography convictions. Bear in mind that as the so called child porn photos can not be reproduced it is impossible to exactly establish what kind of images they had in their power other than by trusting what the court papers say, but, do you trust your Government?

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