Child Porn as a WEAPON from conspiracy theory too reality

Child porn is a weapon, a proven fact, and tips on how to avoid the sex offender record causing weapon

Satire photo of Luke Rudwkoski being almost set up with child porn under the theme of a online magazine called

Satire photo of Luke Rudkowski being almost set up with child porn under the theme of a online magazine called “Set Up!!!”. However this satire is of a real and verified event that happened to him.
Author: Ben. Franklin
As we are now witnessing, and maybe have been witnessing for years, that child porn is now a weapon and there is evidence mounting which is giving credibility to a fact that many wish they rather not think is possible, that the government, powerful corporations, and regular pro big government wannabes is setting people up with child pornography. Entrapment against teenagers and preteens are also now a reality in America.
First of all let’s first start up with CBS You Suck activist website that hasdocumented the fact that Mediadefender emails were leaked proving that they were aware of tens of thousands of possible child pornography files were being shared all over different P2P file sharing networks yet offered no filter nor any way or method for removal of these files yet the federal government(Operation Flicker, Porngate) has encouraged law enforce and the Internet Crimes Against Children task force to start sharing hundreds to thousands of child porn images and videos. However they blame P2P and acting like we shouldn’t download anything copyrighted on P2P file sharing when it is clear many do it for non commercial and even educational purposes such as using excerpts of pirated material in homemade political documentaries. P2P file sharing is not the problem, it is these mega corporations that have bribed our politicians and controlled the media putting out lies and social engineering points without putting out all the facts.

Child porn has been a weapon and is now a political weapon by the FBI, ICAC, ICE, and the DHS.

Child porn has been a weapon and is now a political weapon by the FBI, ICAC, ICE, and the DHS.
Now what is Porngate: It is a term that definitely a few people have coined up including me on FederalJack. Porngate is the practice of a new scandal that has been hidden for decades during the boom of the internet and during the rise of P2P file sharing such as Napster on up to Bittorrent and Darknet. The purpose of Porngate is regarding the easy entrapment and set up of any person involved in politics that has become any kind of political threat to any corrupt politician or staff of the federal, state, county, and municipal governments which also includes all levels of law enforcement that is parasitic. Porngate is all about setting up your political enemies with child pornography and using the taboo of the very subject to get juries and judges to blanket-convict countless individuals even when there is reasonable doubt that the person is guilty of child porn, like for example why the six jurors in the George Zimmerman case had to find Zimmerman not guilty because they didn’t find enough of a reason to convict him, that the evidence was sufficient and credible enough to charge George with second degree murder. Same with the child porn charges, simply finding images and videos on your computer is now becoming insufficient to credibly prove the person is guilty of sexual exploiting children as anyone can put pornographic images and videos of children on a computer especially if the anti-virus was outdated or when there is no anti-virus at all at the time. Some of the best internet hackers out there have been caught breaking into the most secured computers in the world and that is by the Pentagon, DOD, NSA, FBI, and other various government agencies. Even police department records can be easily hacked by those whom various skills in advanced computer hacking. There are programs that scan port numbers from wide random varieties of IP Addresses and upon finding one with any backdoors open(ports open, misconfigured uPNP) the hacker can then send child porn files or even send in a computer program to start setting up a encrypted proxy node that only the hacker can access then route the nodes through different computers to share and download child porn then the average person is held as accountable as a possible child molester for the police detecting the child porn transfers. Porngate is all about major corporations, government, and regular pro big government maniac individuals and trolls with big egos setting people up with child porn.
Now what is Operation Flicker: Operation Flicker is a joint operation between the criminal investigations division of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This joint operation is responsible for finding and entrapping those whom seek and distribute images and videos of sexual child pornography.  Various teenagers, young adults, older adults, and even preteens have all been caught in child porn sting operations and have been thrown into criminal prosecution by federal agencies, agents, and even by the Internet Crimes Against Children task force. They care not whom gets entrapped but that they respond by saying this is a serious crime is being accused of then off to prison you go, despite the intent and facts. Andrew Rose was one of them and hundreds to thousands of other normal families. Teens across the country are also being thrown into child porn charges and given a pedophile sex offender record all for merely downloading a image or video of another person under the age of eighteen. Sexting is also a big trend with teens and tweens but however are under the scrutiny of law enforcement with the look of felonies and sex offenders on their mind.
Now first of all what proof do I have right now that child porn was a weapon. I have s slew of good information for everyone whom researches for truth to look into. First of all I will present my first article link on the very subject of my anonymous source, whom was a alternative media head being set up with child porn after he was targeting a corrupt state politician for criminal violations of state law, then forced to shut down his website after he was set up with the eMule virus. Luke Rudkowski another alternative media head and political activist received a trick news tip email which was actually full of child porn images, and the email sender attempted to persuade him to distribute and download these images which would have been two criminal felonies and a permanent sex offender record for Mr. Luke, not to mention looking like a pedophile child molester freak all over the mainstream news media to which David Rockefeller and others would pull no punches at using this child porn set up as a way to demonize Luke as a pedophile monster beast whom preaches 9/11 truth conspiracy theories. It has also been reported on USWGO Brian Hill’s public facebook post that Madison Ruppert admitted to receiving one of these trick emails which is editor at EndTheLie alternative media website which still would have been a serious blow if Madison had fell for the trick email, however the link will not be posted as USWGO Brian Hill made many of his newer posts disappear off his public profile likely due to some kind of threat or fear of posting this kind of information. We are investigating whether any other alternative media heads are also being set up with child porn as it is likely many will still be cautious as whether to speak out or keep quiet on the matter. There are two slashdot articles talking about people whom have got years in prison for using child porn as a weapon to gain a higher status in their career or as a political or personal weapon of war. One is titled Child porn as a weapon, and the other is titled Man Gets 12-Year Jail Sentence For Planting Child Porn On Enemy’s Computer. Even the San Bernardino County Sun reported that a political activist “who was working as an aide to Rep. Joe Baca, D-San Bernardino, at the time of his 2009 arrest., was accused of child porn charges and was found innocent after three years of fighting to clear his name. Three years of his life were taken away battling these crazy child porn charges not to mention having to pay thousands of dollars for a private forensics investigator since you can’t really trust government forensics investigators however poor defendants whom cannot afford private forensics investigators are forced to usually plead guilty since it costs money to fight criminal charges in court, and hey fighting criminal accusations are not cheap so it easier to plead guilty and serve your prison sentence despite whether you are innocent or guilty it doesn’t matter. Even a former Military police officer is ranting at how children are being used as a political weapon and how child porn raids are traumatizing people, don’t believe me then read his own blog post and do your own research.
Because of what all is happening various alternative media organizations and former alternative media organization hosts are all investigating and fighting this new child porn weapon and are trying to find ways to stop the entrapment and set ups by the feds. One method is that a internet filter software development might soon be in place by one of the heads of the “Public Support 4 Andrew Rose-Victim of FBI Flicker Sting” facebook group along with the former USWGO Alternative News head and possibly Luke Rudkowski as they all see the danger of child porn being a weapon that can destroy any political activist at any time. Of course this filter could be open source which one of the alt media heads recommends that it be open source so that it is easily adaptable for other platforms and can even be implemented into file sharing software such as Azereus, eMule, open source version of Bittorrent, and other file sharing systems which child porn is rampant on. So once a software grant and organizational basis has been made, and a PR guy or woman has been selected then a article on FederalJack will keep the public updated in the current process for a software filter that will especially block all suspected child porn files through the MD5 hash which the FBI and National Center for Missing Exploited Children are also using as an entrapment operation. However these hashes are all listed by the FBI/ICE which makes them the biggest child porn suspected files database listing in the world. However getting these file hash lists which could help the filter block these sick perverted files may not go so well with the FBI as they have been entrapping, setting people up, and watching political groups for decades now. However this person whom wishes to organize this filter plans on filing a FOIA request to get all the MD5 hash tag lists to addapt to be used by this open source filter project, and if the FBI rejects the FOIA request a court trial may be needed for a judge to force the FBI to hand over the documents and suspected child porn ahs tag identification lists in order to adapt to the filter to block all child porn files from being transferred into any person’s computer. Because the corrupt police detectives, corrupt police chiefs/sheriffs, corrupt state senators/representatives, corrupt town/city/metro council-people might read this article we are not revealing the names nor will we if we were interrogated even under court order, we will just go to jail and not reveal the names of people rebelling against the wrongful child porn set up and entrapment operations set by the corrupt out-of-control federal and state agencies to guarantee private prison occupancy, and going to war with, and even killing political enemies in state sanctioned police raids. There are many American patriots underground people now resisting the corrupt federal agencies to prevent this kind of abuse from ever happening again and one of the methods is getting Edward Snowden to leak out government documents from the NSA that reveal thast the US Government is setting up people and their political enemies with child pornography. More articles on the abuse of child porn laws are coming up under yours truly Ben Franklin. Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change was a set up victim and may get involved with fighting the FBI and taking part in this filter software development in regards to Public Relations for the alternative media, former alternative media head whom shut his website down in September of 2012 whom had got on Infowars, and even Activistpost,which even stood up to a corrupt senator which got himself set up with child porn, and several other different organizations whom again wishes to remain anonymous, are now actively planning fighting attempts to stop the FBI which all rely on internet filters which block child porn files, mobilizing alternative media support of awareness, and exposing both Operation Flicker and Porngate. The best tool that can be made is a filter to block all child porn entrapment files from the news reporters computer. If law enforcement doesn’t accept the American public’s need for a filter to block just child porn photos and videos, then the police clearly want every American to download child porn so that they can blackmail any american they wish or even set them up.
There are a few tips as of right now until this filter can be made. These are tips on how to avoid the child porn set up. These tips are important if your are a alternative news reporter, political activist, private detective, or anyone involved in the political arena which can make you a target.
  1. Until the filter has been adapted into eMule/eDonkey, Bittorrent, Gnutella, and any other file sharing network or medium, do not use P2P file sharing applications at all and if you do attempt to use one then use a P2P file sharing friendly VPN service that doesn’t log their users activities and then make sure to check every little thing you download to ensure that child porn files did not sneak into your downloads which would then get you targeted even if your using a non-logging VPN as a wiretap order can be used to then find out what you are downloading then they can trick you into being nabbed.
  2. Be careful of any emails you open up as what happened to Luke Rudkowski can happen to you. People can trick you into downloading and opening of child porn through email attachments. So be careful when looking through emails and when forwarding it to any friend, comrade, coworker, or anybody.
  3. Always erase your TEMP folders which are Temporary Internet Files, History, Temp, recent items, etc etc. It is recommended you use CCleaner as it can erase up to 35 overwrites. Also it is recommended after you confirm there are no suspicious files nor any indication that child porn was slipped into your computer, that at least every month you erase your computers free space at least 7 overwrite passes every month to make sure that any planted evidence remains erased from the hard drive. Even if forensics is able to recover it with Magnetic Force Microscopy, it can be used in your case that you clearly erased those files measning you didn’t want to possess any of these images and thus proves you innocent of the crime. Hey why is erasing child porn images wrong? Isn’t the law meant to criminalize possession? Isn’t erasing any suspected child porn images keeping with obeying the law? So what is the problem? The FBI cannot get their entrapments or set ups so they argue people need to download child porn images on public websites and forums including P2P, even if preteens get into these filthy images, so that we can catch these supposed pedophiles which now includes preteens and little kids. I guess preteens that accidentally get ahold of these images are the future pedophiles so we gotta convict kids as young as 12 years old then make them sex offenders for life, great job FBI for going after little kids and teens in America.
  4. If you stumble onto a image just erase it and ignore it, and never look for it again. If you report it, as much as it is good to do so, chances are reporting a child porn image may get you raided by the FBI and put on a sex offender registry, so even reporting it can get you in trouble, awwww isn’t that wonderful oh great and wise FBI let’s make people afraid to report child porn to the police. Let’s just let people be abused because if we get involved we may become suspects just for doing the right thing.
There is a lot of things that needs to be changed in the FBI but you can’t expect a criminal overlord government addicted to power, drugs, sexual abuse, torture, murder, peeping tom surveillance, and Orwellian 1984 supporters to be weaned from their crimes and addictions. It is going to take a peaceful revolution against the government through protests, resolution suggestions signed by Constituents, and major political rallies demanding that the US Government follow the rule of law and that power be restricted throughout the government the way government was suppose to be according to the founding fathers of America.