National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

NCMEC says there are 850,000 missing and exploited children cases a year; However they drew upon the numbers of runaway teens and parental abductions to get figures like “850,000 cases per year,” to justify large amounts of federal spending on the problem. Then they funneled the money into a range of programs whose purpose was to “raise awareness” about “child sexual abuse.” These programs, in turn, helped develop a range of inflated statistics to describe sexual abuse as a huge national problem requiring even more resources. As for children and teens who have left or been thrown out by their families, the NCMEC website offers nothing but a couple of links to other organizations. “Not my problem,” they seem to say to kids who find their families unbearable. Ernie Allen former director of NCMEC has become the master of the Big Lie. NCMEC even provides resources for assistance to entrepreneurs seeking to follow Ernie Allen’s footsteps and get into the “non-profit” child-saving business and there is no reference on their web site to the “causes” of parental abduction or runaway/throwaway teens or any other social problem. Information laundering is when anyone makes a statement and that statement keeps getting quoted until no one knows where it came from, but takes the statement as fact. Statistical laundering is when the author ties down false and fantastic figures to sources of often wrong statistics about the preponderance of child porn finding most claims to be inaccurate, misquoted or simply made up. So how can we stop it if we don’t have accurate data not out-of-date, false or misleading “statistics” concerning the prevalence of “child porn” material on internet web sites. Sensationalism sells even when it’s proven that we don’t know the facts about the real threat level.

The National Children’s Advocacy Center, founded in 1985 by Alabama Democrat congressman Bud Cramer in the wake of the founding of the NCMEC, funnels federal money directly into NCMEC sex-panic promotion. In addition to government funding, all of these organizations have private funding and strong support from corporate sponsors, individual donors and volunteers. While government agencies, and especially the Reagan administration, played key roles in the founding and the continued subsidizing of the sex-panic industry, private entrepreneurs have been involved from the start, and many businesses happily sponsor these organizations and their witch-hunts. The Reagan administration advisers working with Ernie Allen took care to make sure the NCMEC was set up as a “public private partnership” – thereby insulating it to some degree from the traditional political bickering over the merits of public versus private involvement in social issues. The degree to which the NCMEC is devoted to stoking the flames of the sex panic has had a pervasive effect on how they handle all the other tasks they set for themselves and this is especially true in the case of runaway/throwaway teens, for whom the agency is essentially useless; unless somebody’s penis pops out of their pants. It is also true in the case of parental abductions, and unlike runaway/throwaway cases, cases revolving around custody disputes often involve adults with the time, resources and inclination to make a public stink. Some of these folks have organized and taken their grievances public. Here are a couple of their web sites. I have not personally dug into them deep enough to say much about them, except it is apparent that the NCMEC and Ernie Allen have pissed some people off.(3) lang=en

In 2011, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said it received 17.3 million images and videos of suspected child abuse, which is four times more than 2007. (5) Microsoft uses Photo DNA on Bing, and SkyDrive to help stop these images from being redistributed on-line, and any image signature that match they reported to NCMEC. In essence the government has the ability to completely block child porn by use of Photo DNA as well as hash tags associated with the photo or video but choose not in favor of prosecution. ISP’s servers can run a “hash value and signature analysis on all of the files on the servers.” In doing so, they are able to “fingerprint” each file on the server. Once the generated hash values of the files are compared to those hash values of files that are known or suspected to contain CP they could block them at the ISP level. Why don’t they do that? One would have to ask the police. Anyone with a little technological knowledge will finally understand to what extent the public is being cheated by the greedy politicians who CANNOT DO ANYTHING against CP but use it as a means to justify total monitoring.

According to Mr. Allen, “NCMEC has designed, written, edited and published many collaterals and publications for law enforcement, other child serving professionals, and the general public. Since 1984, NCMEC has disseminated 28,762,912 free publications.”Again there is a “however”, according to their IRS 990 form, they made $40,000 selling publications vs giving them away for free just in 2001. Considering that their revenue for that year was $32,386,780, and at the end of the year had a net of $12,385,095 that they did not spend, they could have just given the publications away for free. I guess they needed to make up the more than $30,000 they lost due to investments, because it sure didn’t make a dent in the $1,868,228 they spent on travel or the $646,683 on conferences, conventions, and meetings that year. Know wonder NCMEC want to exploit child abuse on their own it’s a cash cow.

Mr. Allen also said, “But there are many others. Six years ago, Wal-Mart became a strong supporter of this effort. Wal-Mart created its Missing Children’s Network, partnering with NCMEC to create bulletin boards with photos of missing children in all of their 3,000+ Wal-Marts and Sam’s Clubs. Eighty-four children are home safely today as a direct result of the Wal-Mart bulletin boards.”Today they claim it’s over 100 cases. Again, show me specific cases that prove that to be a fact, Mr. Allen. there is a real problem here that people sometimes fail to see. Our government is like anyone else because we want something done about missing children but we don’t know exactly what to do so we throw money at it in hopes it will go away but It won’t and creating a “catch-all” bureaucracy for every missing child program or idea that comes along is not the answer. An example; you get software that has like 100 different functions but it never works better than the software you have that only does one function. The same rule applies here. In order to continually increase it’s funding each year, the NCMEC convinces our government they should just add each new program about missing children to the NCMEC rather than funding another organization who probably created the idea in the first place. Bigger government doesn’t work and neither does a bigger NCMEC.(45) What’s even more peculiar is that there are missing “adults” listed on the NCMEC’s website as well who went missing as adults not children! One woman who went missing at the age of 36 missing since 1973 and well before the establishment of the NCMEC. There are other abnormal condition as well; for example, in Maine the NCMEC reports only 3 missing children. The most recent missing since 1986 and the other two since 1971 again, well before The NCMEC was even formed so the last child to have gone missing in the State of Maine was in 1986; thirteen years ago.

A state by state search shows that according to NCMEC, the total number of missing children right now in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii is a mere 2,482; 2,482? Some missing children cases posted on the NCMEC website go back as far as 1949 in Wisconsin (WI), and Texas (TX) has at least 5 missing children listed with “No Name”. Also absent is a photograph of these “No Names” all that is provided is a sketch. If there are no names or pictures for these children who are they and how do they know they are missing? The NCMEC statistics were often publicly quoted by its former President and CEO Ernie Allen and current CEO John D, Ryan. They say and have said that 2,000 children go missing every day equaling about 800,000 each year cannot possibly be correct? The figures clearly don’t add up and if they do please, please set me straight. If their statistics are “somehow” correct and or we are to believe their often quoted statistics, why are there only 2,482 children listed as currently missing in the U.S.? The NCMEC is “THE” National Clearinghouse for Missing Children and gets well over $30 million every year in Federal taxpayer funding. Why are there only 2,482 children listed on their website going back as far as 1949 when there have been (according to their quoted statistics) over 19.2 Million children missing since the inception of the NCMEC? Additionally, according to their 2007 Annual Report the organization had a surplus of over $29 million at the end of the year. If they aren’t using it then why isn’t it being returned to the taxpayers or at least distributed to cold case file law enforcement agencies?

NCMEC claims to the public that 94 cents of every dollar goes into programs(46) that help find missing children. Well, lets take a look at the figures from their 990 they file with the IRS for year 2002, the most recent one offered as far as I can find. But it’s a good sample year.(47)

Gross Revenue, $32,386,780, with $25,838,215 coming from tax dollars.
Management costs $466,114
Fund-raising costs $880,448

Officers and Directors $543,438
Other salaries/wages $8,980,018
Pensions $510,637
Employee benefits $1,045,578
Payroll Taxes $691,971
Accounting $49,640 reasonable to find an accountant who can make this look like 94 cents of every dollar going into programs.
Legal Fees $163,080 I’d say necessary under the circumstances
Travel $1,868,228
Office $1,540,820
Conferences, Conventions, Meetings $646,683

Net Assets $23,820,725. They could almost last a year without new funding.

Ernest Allen CEO $222,117 and $14,622 in benefits
Michael Lynch CFO $154,678 and $10,345 in bennies
John Rabun Jr. $166,643 and $11,118 in benefits
Rick Minicucci CTO $137,692

NCMEC held an auction in Palm Beach, Florida and they took in $415,574. They only netted $249,560? Do you think Mr. Allen told the donors that 94 cents of every dollar goes to help find missing children? Do you think they mentioned spending almost a million dollars per year for fund-raising? Do you think it’s ok that they didn’t? A NY Auction they held that same year $455,616 raised, $269,870 netted after expenses are you still wondering about the 94 cents thing? In 2001 there were less than 250 missing children in the state of California. And today there are 266 unsolved cases. Last year in Florida, during August there were 132 unsolved missing child cases, and today there are 152. This is gathered from the NCMEC website I kid you not but what I will do is ask you where is the impact for that amount of tax dollars and donations spent? As for those at the NCMEC who would like to dispute my opinions here, please bring it on; However I have a question. Why, with all that money coming in and all that travel being paid for, hasn’t your staff, directors, or anyone from NCMEC, ever been to the house where the parents are missing a child right now? There are organizations that have barely any budget and they been there many times. They have “solved” cases that we were ACTUALLY there and were involved in. I have an 18-year-old girl you can meet that will tell you how she was abducted by a two-time registered sex offender and we found her with absolutely zero help from the police or the NCMEC and there are more cases like that. We were THERE. What a concept! It works. All your statistics and impact studies and technical support and training can never equal showing up and helping the parents find their missing child. (49)

NCMEC distort facts and plan old LIE’s; they state, “850,000 children (or about 2,329 every day) are reported missing every year in the United States and according to their 2007 Annual Report which can be viewed hers(52), they also state that in the 24 years that they have been in business they have assisted in the recovery of 121,000 children. 850,000 children “missing” every year? 2,329 children “missing” every day? In the 24 years NCMEC been around their figures amount to, “19.2 MILLION missing children”. NCMEC should be applauded for the recovery of 121,000 children but, when compared to over 19 million quoted as missing, their recovery rate appears alarmingly low and too put these numbers into perspective the current population of the entire state of New York is 19.4 million. If we are to believe the NCMEC’s claims about the number of missing children that would be tantamount to the entire population of the state of New York missing, gone, vanished! If we compare these numbers to the Vietnam War where a total of approximately 2,594,000 (or 2.6 Million) U.S. troops were sent to served in Vietnam. Most everyone either knows a Vietnam veteran or knows someone who knows a Vietnam veteran. Can the same be said for a missing child?

Given these numbers and the analogies above, how many people actually have a missing child or know someone that does? The majority of missing children are runaways and or noncustodial parental abductions. According to the NCMEC, one would assume a state with a major city of say, Phoenix as being the 5th largest city, would have a large volume of missing children but surprisingly they don’t! According to the NCMEC’s website there are only a mere 29 missing children listed in Phoenix and a total of just 73 missing for the entire state of Arizona.

Are All Men Pedophiles? is a 2012 award-winning documentary film about pedophilia and hebephiles directed by Dutch media producer Jan-Willem Breure who has been criticized for not having a political agenda, and presented by model Savannah van Zweeden. Apart from the Royal Academy of Art and The Hague the entire film was financed privately, mainly by the 23-year old Breure who was born in Rwanda. Jan Breure mother died at childbirth and he was put up for adoption. The syndicated feminist blog Jezebel commented “He just thinks that teenage girls are hot, and he doesn’t want you to think that’s gross, okay?”(17) Adopted by a Reformed Churches in the Netherlands pastor, Johan Breure and his wife who worked as missionaries in Kenya. Breure lived in Kenya and Namibia before moving to the Netherlands in 2002. In the film one is introduced to actual definitions of certain words that are being misdirected by American authors in their so called science community at NCMEC. After of reading numerous books and articles from social work authors in the USA I’ve come to call this (book or article haven’t decided yet) “voo-doo science of child porn” .

First they came for.
Are all men Pedophiles:

Unchecked and operating with only shadowy oversight, NCMEC’s quasi-law enforcement portfolio concerns many; it’s something that concerns CDT as well. “We have very significant concerns about the outsourcing of proprietorial and investigative functions to a non-government entity,” says John Morris, CDT’s general counsel, as quoted by Soghoian in his column. “And we believe that those functions should only be done by those subject to the First and Fourth Amendments, the Privacy Act, and The Freedom Of Information Act,” Morris said. Enter the “Child Porn Czar.” NCMEC’s job is just too important to be made to operate without accountable oversight, Soghoian says. “Nationalize NCMEC, make all of its workers federal employees, with good health care and job security, and perhaps even expand its budget–after all, it does good work, right?” Soghoian says. That move would, of course, make the organization fully responsive to Freedom of Information Act requests. Drug czar, Intelligence Czar, and a “Car Czar” in the offing. Is a “Child Porn Czar” in our future, too? (42)(43) That was from an article written in 2008 what has changed since then?


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